ISMS SmartKit


Your fast track to ISO 27001 certification

The ISMS SmartKit is a framework with many advantages that already contains everything you need for successful ISO 27001 certification. You save time, money and stress.

Less effort

We provide all the necessary templates and processes, which significantly reduces the effort of ISMS implementation.

Tailor-made for SMEs

Processes and templates are developed specifically for startups and SMEs. We are aware of the scarce resources in many companies and provide you with everything you need, without overwhelming you with unnecessary information and procedures.

Atlassian Confluence

Our solution is based in the document collaboration platform Atlassian Confluence, which allows for easy and stress-free implementation within the company.


We always have the customer in mind and try to be as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. No extensive training, no product manuals – just get started.

No consultants

External consulting services can be replaced by the ISMS SmartKit. A guide, how-tos and smaller tips will help you navigate ISO 27001 certification without costly external consultants.

International standard

Fully complies with the requirements of the international ISO/IEC 27001 standard.

A brief explanation of our process

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Templates and interface

This is what the ISMS SmartKit looks like


Certification is in sight

How do I get started?

Web presentation – duration 1.5 hours
Individual insight into the solution from Byght's experts.
Installation – duration 0.5 hours
You will receive the installation file for easy import into your own instance of Confluence.
Remote setup – duration 0.5 hours
We do this through remote access or a screen sharing session.
Introductory session – duration 1.5 hours
In our introductory session, we present the ISMS SmartKit to you and your team and answer all of your questions. This introduction is done remotely.
Get started!
After the introductory session, you can get started right away and work on your ISO 27001 certification.

Individual online presentation

Can I see the ISMS SmartKit live?

Requirements for the ISMS SmartKit

What is required in order to use it?

Are you ready to go?

In a nutshell, you just need Atlassian Confluence to use the ISMS SmartKit. The ISMS SmartKit can then be integrated into Confluence in just a few steps. This way you can use the practical features of this software and benefit from the contents of the ISMS SmartKit in an uncomplicated way.

Not using Confluence yet?

We can help you, so feel free to contact us. Atlassian Confluence is quick to set up and there are many good reasons to do so. Over 35,000 companies already rely on Atlassian software to foster collaboration and get the best out of their teams.

What does the ISMS SmartKit cost?

Do you want to rent or buy the ISMS SmartKit? Find out about our straightforward pricing here and get a no-obligation quote. 

Customer testimonials

“Thanks to the ISMS SmartKit from Byght, we implemented our ISMS in under 5 months and received our ISO 27001 certification. It’s an excellent framework. Our team is thrilled!”

Sebastian Tempel

Sebastian Tempel



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